User boxes are a super fun way to decorate your page and show off your style! To see a few already made click here: Userboxes

What? You think you're better than me?! Just Kidding! Making your own userboxes is a creative way to share your fanship^^

I struggled learning how to make them but now I'm gonna show you step by step^^

How to Creat a UserboxesEdit

Step 1Edit

Backspace everything on the page that's pre-written if there is any and COPY (CTRL-C) this code:

{|cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" style="width:240px; background: NAMEOFCOLOR; border:3px NAMEOFCOLOR;" 
|style="width:45px; height:45px; background: #violet; text-align:center; font-size:14pt;" | 70px
|style="font-size:8pt; padding:4pt; line-height:1.25em;" |SAY WHAT YOU WANT TO SAY |}
Bold text TYPE: 2 [ then: Category:Userboxes then 2 ]

Step 2Edit

click "Create a New Page or Article" and name this new page "Template:WhateverYouWantToCallIt"

Step 3Edit

Replace all the capital letters in the code I posted above with whatever customizations you want, and then PASTE (CTRL-V) that area (copied in Step 1) into your new TEMPLATE Page. Adjust the 'width:240px' in the first line only if necessary to make your text fit in one line, or in two lines if you want it to show that way.

NOTE: If the word 'thumb' appears beside the name of the file, backspace it and change the size of the image by changing the number of px (where the number 70 appears.)

Step 4Edit

Click on SAVE when it looks the way you want.

Step 5Edit

Link and post it on the UserBoxes page seen above so others can use it.

Good Luck!Edit

Seddie Shipper 08:39, March 19, 2011 (UTC)

Posting on a pageEdit

place the name of the template between 2 brackets ie: {{Template:Example}}

Posting to the userbox pageEdit

Be sure to consider the organization of the page when posting your box there :)

  • choose the appropriate category
  • Link the userbox
  • Add the template itself!