House of Anubis
House of Anubis Sibuna!


Nina Martin,

Fabian Rutter,

Patricia Williamson,

Amber Millington,

Mick Campbell,

Mara Jaffray,

Jerome Clark,

Alfie Lewis,

and Joy Mercer

First came on TV

January 1st 2011

"House of Anubis" "House of Anubis" is a new Nickelodeon Tv Series that airs on TeeNick. It the new mystery series since "The Mystery Files of Shelby Woo" (2001) &
"Are You Afraid of the Dark?" (2001) with a mystery to solve.

The House of Anubis season 1 pic.

Main Characters of House of AnubisEdit

Nina MartinEdit

The main protagonist of the show. She is an orphan and previously lived with her grandmother in the United States before coming to Anubis House. Nina is kind, smart, and brave. She is also shown to be very good at sneaking around and searching for clues. She is the leader of Sibuna (or Anubis backwards) and she is the one who Sarah/Emily gave the locket to. As it is shown with the Arabic dictionary that her and Fabian found as the solution to the riddle, only Nina can use the power of the locket. Her closest friends are Amber, Fabian, and Patricia, despite her original suspicion towards Nina relating to Joy's disappearence. Nina's mom and dad died in a car accident when she was younger, she admits to her fellow housemates one morning at breakfast after Amber asks her about them. And although she denies it, Nina also appears to have a obvious crush on Fabian, as she kissed him on the cheek in House of Hazards. Some hints of a relationship between Fabian and Joy are when Sibuna was in Victor's office talking to Joy, Amber mentioned that Fabian was with them. Nina was surprised and seemed a little jealous when Joy got really shy and said, "Fabes....Hi"! After Amber and Patricia quit on her, Fabian tells her that he "wouldn't give up on Sarah, the quest and certainly not on you [Nina]". Nina also seemed jealous when Fabian tried to kiss Patricia for finding a puzzle piece he had lost. She is usually caring, level-headed, and fearless. She is also very clever, as she has solved several clues, such as the puzzle pieces which open with Sarah's and her numbers, respectively, the Arabic dictionary, and the fake cylinder. Another way that we could tell that Nina might possibly like Fabian as more than a friend is when she finally told Fabian, Alfie, who later becomes a member of Sibuna, and Patricia that Sarah had died, Fabian put his arm around her in a comforting gesture and she leaned her head on his chest and cried for a couple seconds. Nina was born on July 7, 1995 at 7:00a.m: the same birthday as Joy, but Joy was born at 7:00p.m. Because of this, and the fact that she keeps hearing voices, the fact that she hears the house talk and the fact that she is the only one who can use the locket, Fabian thinks that Nina is the Chosen One, instead of Joy. This freaks her out. In House of Pests, her and Fabian sneak out of the school to retrieve the puzzle pieces, cylinders, and all the other proof. It is shown that she may like Fabian by her giggling and her flirtatious tone in her voice when she is talking to him while they are waiting for Victor to leave Anubis House. Also in House of Reservation, Mara, Amber, and Mick ask Fabian if he's going to ask Nina to the end of term prom, and when Amber was about to ask Nina for him he acts like he likes Patricia. This makes Nina jealous and she admits that she likes him. During this same episode he tries to ask Nina, but she's hurt and tells him that she's fine with Fabian asking Patricia. It turns out Nina is the Chosen One and she assembles the cup before the chosen hour is up. She successfully puts the cup together and then Rufus drinks the fake elixir out of it. It turns out the elixir was fake because Fabian had replaced it as an insurance policy, in case Victor's society found it. After she finds this out, she says she loves him. She and Fabian kiss at the prom after being made prom queen and king by Amber. It is now assumed that the two are boyfriend and girlfriend. Afterwards it is shown that Nina had hidden the Cup of Ankh underneath the stage of the auditorium. She is one of the seven acolytes. Portrayed by Nathalia Ramos.

Fabian RutterEdit

A resident of the House of Anubis and he is Nina's friend and romantic interest.He is a nerd, being very smart, and good at subjects like Maths and History. He shares Nina's interest in Eygptian Mythology He sticks up for her, and when she first arrives, he, along with Mara, is the only one at all nice to her. Before Nina arrives at the house, he appeares to have a romantic link with Joy, although they never actually dated. In the first episode, he appeares talking to Joy and Patrica, and seems to have more friends who are girls than boys, something he gets teased about regularly. He rooms with Mick in the first seaon, who, despite their different interests, he appears to be good friends with. A member of Sibuna, he is based off of Het Huis Anubis Fabian. He is the first male member of Sibuna. Portrayed by Brad Kavanagh.

Amber MilingtonEdit

A resident of the House of Anubis and is Nina's friend. She is every girly, fashionable and a bit air-headed. She believes girly magazines, as when she thought Mick was ignoring her, she believed a magazine article that said that she should flirt with another guy to make him jealous. She went sort of overboard on it, when she kissed Alfie on stage during a production of Romeo and Juliet. At the beginning of the series she roomed with Mara but is now rooming with Nina. She cannot keep a secret and often goes back on promises. She used to be dating Mick, but they broke up after she accidentally forgot about their date once too many times, though she still loves him. It is revealed that Mick still loves her, but they don't match. She used to be friends with Mara but now hates her as she likes Mick. Mara also doesn't think that she and Mick should be together, as she says "they have nothing at all in common." Nina and Fabian, and later, herself and Patricia are the only ones who go or even know that they go to regular trips to the attic to try to find clues about the supposedly hidden treasure in the house. They also start a club, which Amber names Sibuna or Anubis backwards saying that whatever they do in the attic is kept a secret. After she found out that Mara cheated on the test for Mick, she started a fight with her, but it got broken up very quickly. Mick breaks up with Amber and says "Were mates, not dates". Though she seems to still have feelings for Mick, as when a numerical chart shows that Mick and Mara would be perfect for each other, she seems upset, and is upset when the two continue to kiss during the school play, even when the curtain went down. She competed in the school rep election against Mara out of jealousy of her and Mick, but lost because Mick bribed the guy counting the votes. She seems to might have gotten over Mick, as she tries to help him get back together with Mara, however she might be just setting him up to lose her again. She also might be developing a crush on Alfie, as she happily agreed to kiss him on the cheek before he went down into the cellar. She also called him beau, which she frequently called Mick when they were together. In House of Betrayal, Amber had asked Mara if she can convince the teachers of a end of term Prom. She gets asked by a mysterious "King Tut," who she mistakenly believes is Fabian and Jerome but actually Alfie. She originally said that she would go with Alfie only if she was desperate. However, when she found out that he was "King Tut," and said that she wasn't disappointed at all. She agreed to attend the prom with him. She became frantic when it looked like he was about to die, and even said that she would be his girlfriend if it would save him. They were seen dancing to a slow song during the prom, looking into each other's eyes. She is one of the seven acolytes. All this shows that she really does like him. The two are possibly a couple. Portrayed by Ana Mulvoy-Ten

Patricia WillamsonEdit

A resident of the House of Anubis. She was Joy's best friend and used to room with Joy, then Nina, but is currently rooming with Mara. At the beginning of the series she and Nina were enemies as Patricia constantly put her down but are now friends, though she doesn't completely trust Nina. Patricia is a bit obsessed with finding out what happened to Joy. She has different colored fake highlights in her hair. She was the only one who noticed that Joy was erased from the school photo before she disappeared. She also thinks that she is going crazy after a number of weird things happen to her. Patricia was the only one who saw a strange man outside of the window during Drama class and saw him later in the woods, convincing her that he was real and not a ghost, as she originally thought. After she saw the man, she told Mr. Winkler everything that happened with Joy, and he doesn't appear to be in on the Joy secret. The man turned out to be a private investigator, who Patricia and Nina later see unconscious, being dragged into the back of a van by Victor. As a result, Patricia has joined Nina, Fabian, and Amber in Sibuna, and has accompanied them to the cellar numerous times, joining in on their search for answers. Although Patricia trusted Rufus, after not bringing Joy to him he kidnapped her. However, in House of Rescue, the other members of Sibuna rescue her from Rufus. However, she still has nightmares about him, and agrees to hang out with Alfie to try and make them stop, which shows that she is becoming better friends with him. In House of Venom, she contacts Joy, and gets her to get a new cell phone, so they are now back in contact. Also Patricia gets more information out of Joy. In House of Pests/Betrayal, she helps Nina and Fabian sneak out by covering for them, this shows her and Nina are friends now. When Fabian is trying to ask Nina to the end-of-term prom, he gets nervous, and starts babbling, and accidentally makes it look like he likes Patricia. However, it is clear that she know he doesn't and she wouldn't feel the same way, anyway. However, Nina believes it, and this causes things to become weird between the two. Patricia is the one to find out that the Cup of Ankh can only be assembled by the chosen one. She set up an insurance policy, where she and Joy carried identical bags, with Joy's bag containing the Ankh pieces. She is one of the seven acolytes. Portrayed by Jade Ramsay.

Mick CampbellEdit

A resident in the House of Anubis. At the beginning of the series he was dating Amber but broke up with her when she could not attend any of their "dates" because of Sibuna. He gained a crush on Mara and kisses her in one episode, however he told Jerome and Alfie that he wasn't interested, and made it sound like he thought she was boring. This caused her to take on a bad girl personality, and become set on ruining him. He kisses her again during a scene in the school play, but they continue kissing even after the curtain is down. After this they become boyfriend and girlfriend. He thought he would get expelled because Mara took pictures of him and Ms. Robinson training together, cropped and doctored the photos to look like the two were involved with each other, and sent them to Mr. Sweet. He almost did get expelled until Mara came in and confessed, saving Mick. However he breaks up with her for it, saying that what she did was sick. He forgives her after she writes him a letter apparently saying sorry 17 times, but stays just friends. Soon after, he leaves for his sports scholarship tryout. He comes back later, and asks Mara out. She says yes and they become an official couple. He supported Mara all the way during the school election. He even bribed Robbie, the guy counting ballots for school rep with a date with Patricia. Mara eventually won fair and square because Robbie forgot to put the votes in the ballot box, which he left in his book bag. Mara still broke up with him out of anger, but forgave him when he performed his "Apology Cheer" with pom-poms. While wearing a 'Mara I'm Sorry' T-shirt. They made up when they were both doing the dishes, and they started a water fight. He starts taking dance lessons from Amber to prepare to the prom. Near the end of the series he(along with Mara and Amber) tried to get Fabian to confess to Nina that he likes her.Portrayed by Bobby Lockwood.

Mara JaffrayEdit

A resident of the House of Anubis. She is very smart and has a crush Mick although she knows it is never going to happen , as she cheated on a French test for him and tutors him. Mara used to room with Amber but now rooms with Patricia. She used to be friends with Amber but Amber doesn't like her anymore after she found out she likes Mick. Mara doesn't think that Amber and Mick should be together, as she says "they have nothing at all in common." She cheated on the French test for Mick, and after she does, he says the teacher may have her back but he doesn't. It is presumed he doesn't like her anymore after that. Later in the series Mara helps Mick with his training and then they both share a kiss. Then the next day she over hears Mick telling Jerome and Alfie that he's not interested in her. Afterward, she changes her personality to fit a "bad girl", and is set on ruining Mick for spiting her. It is unknown if this is permanent or temporary, but turns out to be temporary. Later in the series Mick and Mara kiss for a scene in a school play. He asks her to be his girlfriend and she says yes. Later on in the episode it is presumed Mick does not like Mara anymore or is mad at her after she confesses on giving Mr. Sweet the photos of him and Miss Robinson together. Now they are just friends. After Mick leaves to tryout for his sport scholarship, Mara starts spending time with Jerome and she starts to developed a crush on him. However, when Mick comes back, she agrees to go out with him, and they become an official couple. This angers Jerome to no end, although he is not exactly hostile towards her. Jerome also reveals to her that Mick didn't get the scholarship, but he kept it from her. She forgives him, when he says that he just didn't want her to be ashamed of him. In House of Victory, she wins the school rep election, however, Mick thinks it's because he bribed Robbie to rig the votes. It is later revealed that Robbie didn't rig the votes and Mara won fairly, but Mara still breaks up with Mick, telling him that they "bring out the worst in each other". However, she took him back after he wore a t-shirt that said "Mara, I'm Sorry", and did a cheerleading routine. Mara manages to win over the teachers when asking for all the damage done to Anubis House to be fixed. Amber, knowing this, asked Mara if she can convince the teachers of a end of term prom. Portrayed by Tasie Dhanraj.

Alfie LewisEdit

A resident of the House of Anubis. He is roommates with Jerome and often goofs around with him. He is always getting into trouble, and frequently wears some kind of animal mask or head. He has a huge crush on Amber. He and Jerome often tease Patricia for her obsession about finding Joy, such as when Jerome brought Patricia into their room and tried to convince her that they could see where Joy is through his fake crystal ball. After Alfie and Jerome try to con money off 7th and 8th graders, they are put under probation. Seeking entertainment, Jerome gets out the zombie costumes as does Alfie. Alfie left his mask in the cellar, so he goes down to find it. Jerome gets caught by Victor so he leaves Alfie trapped down there. Jerome is worried so he wakes Fabian and then brings almost everyone downstairs. They find Alfie in the cupboard, scared out of his mind.It is believed in the episode he saw the teachers and Victor do some ritual different in all, but still unknown really what scared him. Alfie is brought up to his bed but he is catatonic. He freaks out and when they ask him what happened he hyperventilates and is a loss for breath. Nina hands him a bottle, which is filled with what they think is the life elixir but it's supposedly cleaning fluid, according to Victor. Alfie passes out and was in the hospital. He is shown to believe in aliens, as he found one of the puzzle pieces that Fabian lost and thinks it's an alien artifacts. Patricia manages to get the puzzle piece back from him. He also shares with Patricia his secrets to getting rid of nightmares, and agrees to hang out with her since Jerome always hangs out with Mara now, to help her. In House of Aliens, he is told that there are aliens at the school by Sibuna, so they can get him off their backs. However, when he attacks Mrs. Andrews, thinking that she's an alien, Patricia and Fabian are forced to tell him about the treasure and the quest. He is now a member of Sibuna, and he has a flashback while in the cellar, back to the ritual he saw. He is also noticeably annoying and enjoys sticking his nose in other peoples' business. He passes information on the Sibuna gang to Jerome, after he 'saves' him. He stops however, after he finds out that Jerome is actually working for Rufus. He is shown to be a talented artist, because he drew perfect pictures of the puzzle pieces. After promising the members of Anubis to protect and guard the puzzle pieces, Jerome accidentally steals it from Alfie so he can give it to Rufus. He is "King Tut" in the finale episode and returns Amber`s dress after Jerome took it and replaced it with a dolls dress. She agrees to go to prom with him. After Rufus drinks the fake elixir from the Cup of Ankh, Alfie seems to almost die. While this is happening, Amber says that she would even be his girlfriend if it would save him. In the end, they are seen dancing to a slow song at prom, staring into each other's eyes, signifying that Amber does like him, and he still likes her. After this, it is possible that they are going out. He is one of the seven acolytes. Portrayed by Alex Sawyer.

Jerome ClarkeEdit

A resident of the House of Anubis and Alfie's best friend, and roommate. The two are often seen messing around with each other and orchestrating pranks on other students. Jerome often does bad things but infrequently gets caught for them, unlike Alfie, who almost always gets caught. Sometimes his pranks go to far, such as when he made a love note that Alfie wrote to Amber telling her to meet him in the laundry room seem like it came from Mick, making it seem like Mick stood her up and breaking Amber's heart. He and Alfie often tease Patricia for her obsession about finding Joy, such as when he brought Patricia into their room and tried to convince her that they could see where Joy is through Alfie's fake crystal ball. Jerome decides to scare the 7th graders after they get them in trouble with Mr. Winkler, who catches them scamming the younger students, so he and Alfie, also in trouble, decide to put on zombie costumes, but Alfie left his in the cellar after another prank, and when Victor catches him, he runs, leaving Alfie in there. He goes with Nina and Fabian to get him, where they find him in a cupboard scared to death, after seeing a meeting of the secret society. They bring him up to his bed, but is still scared, and later taken to the hospital after loss of breath when Nina gives him the bottle of elixir. Alfie is said to be better soon. That makes Jerome question the Sibuna team about what is going on in the cellar. He is saddened by what happens to Alfie. Though he originally appears to only care about himself, it is shown that he cares deeply about Alfie, such as when Alfie was trapped in the cellar and Jerome risked Victor's wrath to save him. He seems to have developed a deep love for Mara, which seems to not be returned. He shares with her that he's been going to boarding school since he was five-years old, and hasn't seen his parents since, revealing a very deep character. He begins to spend more time with her when Mick leaves for his sports scholarship tryout, and nominates her for school rep. Also, when Amber reveals that on a numerical chart, Mick and Mara would be perfect for each other, he asks if the chart says anything about people who are different, such as him and Mara. He also offered to be her campaign manager for school rep, and did so in a slightly flirty manner. He also did ask her out to lunch, signifying that he likes Mara. He becomes very frustrated when Mara and Mick start dating. He tells Mara that his parents took him to boarding school to get rid of him. He says that they left him to rot, and that that was what he did. Certainly Mara says "your not rotten",and when Mara said "I have a question" he opens his eyes with delight and when Mara said Mick's name he became really sad. He became angered at Mick and Mara's relationship in House of Yesterday, and so he became Amber's campaign manager instead. He overheard Mick, and the guy who counted the votes, Robbie, talking about how Mick bribed him a date with Patricia. Jerome is in love with Mara and he hates Mick, both emotions are very deep. Jerome is working for Rufus, as he is paying him a lot of money. He seems to have even turned on Alfie, as he locked him in the sarcophagus that he was in hiding from Victor. He then pretends to save him, and blackmails him to pass on information on the Sibuna gang. He even tries to steal the Elixir of Life from Fabian's room. He seems to become scared after he finds out how evil Rufus is. After Alfie promised the members of Sibuna to protect and guard the puzzle pieces, Jerome steals it from Alfie so he can give it to Rufus. He eventually joins Sibuna in the finale. He is present during the final scene in the cellar. He is one of the seven acolytes. Hinted to have unrealized feelings for Patricia by fan speculation, due to the fact that she was the first one he talked to when Rufus claimed he was his spy, and the fact that they are the only two singles left in the House of Anubis.

Joy MercerEdit

A former resident of the House of Anubis. The day Nina came to the school, she disappeared suddenly, as she was taken out of class. Joy was best friends with Patricia before she disappeared and lost contact with her and all of her friends. She is described as very dramatic and as Trudy, the housekeeper says, "a walkingsoap opera." She is obsessed with Robert Pattinson and has a cell phone with a camera. Joy's cell phone has her name in foam letters on the back of her phone, a stuffed rabbit name Bunnsybuns, a portrait of her and Patricia on the door of her bedroom, all burned by Victor after she disappeared. She always uses text symbols in emails and always writes her name and a smiley face at the end of every email. She has been erased from the school photo and no one will give out personal information of hers, such as her home phone number. It is very possible she is dead , as Patricia overheard Victor and the Police talking saying that "Joy has been buried, end of story," but Joy comes back in later episodes, alive and trying to run away from Victor and the teachers. After she disappeared, she was erased from the school photo, which only Patricia knowing she's missing from the photo saying that she was standing right next to her. Joy will appear in the next episode, where the teachers are still chasing after her. After the teachers catch up to Joy they refer to her as "the chosen one," where she yells, "I don't want to be the chosen one. You hear me!" It appears she and Patricia have a very strong friendship as Joy escaped Victor's clutches just to see her. Joy is safe. Joy visited for the schools play but the teachers caught her and she had to leave. Joy left the school because Rufus is after something top secret with the government which involves her father. In one episode, Joy talks to Nina, Patricia, Amber, and Fabian and tells them that Victor and the teachers are the good ones. However, we learn at the end of the episode that she had been forced to lie. It seems she and Fabian might have had a romantic relationship before the series, or at least that Joy has a crush on Fabian, hinted in a recent episode when Joy calls Fabian "Fabes". It is also hinted that Nina is jealous of her friendship with Fabian after the webcam chat. According to Joy, she's not coming back. Patricia said that Fabian and her were really close. She was born at 7 o'clock on the 7th day of the 7th month. She also said that her dad was conned into joining the group by Victor and the teachers. She gains a new cell phone, and is now in contact with Patricia. The teachers think that she is the chosen one, and that something will happen when she is brought together with the Cup of Ankh, however, Fabian thinks that Nina is actually the chosen one, since she hears voices, which revealed where the 6th puzzle piece is, she hears the house talk, she is the only one who can use the locket's power, AND she has exactly the same birthday as Joy. She turns out to NOT be the Chosen One. Though she is one of the seven acolytes. Joy likes Fabian because in a secret video, she and Patricia are talking, and Joy admits that she still likes Fabian. However, she also said that Nina should watch out next time.