This page articulates what is appropriate and what is not appropriate for iCarly Wiki.


  1. Pairings such as Seddie, Creddie, etc. are for fan speculation and content should be agreed upon by the community.
  2. Links to the pairing articles from other pages are acceptable, as long as they don't endorse the pairing.


  1. Don´t post comments in all caps; using all caps for emphasis is fine, but an entire sentence in all caps loses its effect.
  2. Its helpful if you give an edit summary when doing bigger edits (500 characters or more).
  3. Add categories to the image files you upload.
  4. Invite friends to help!
  5. It helps if you edit after watching a particular episode, because it's fresh in your mind.


  1. Ship Warring. If you don't like a particular pairing, it's best to stay off that page, unless you are reverting vandalism, or correcting grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.
  2. Inserting false information.
  3. Spamming (advertising for one's business, website, etc.) will get you a permanent ban. Edits that only have the purpose to get awards are considered spam.
  4. Profanity. This is a site about a kid's show, so please watch your language.
  5. Insulting other users
  6. Referring to a user by anything other than their user name, unless they give alternative names on their user page.
  7. Harrassing or threatening another user (especially regarding one's race, gender, nationality, religion, or orientation) will get you banned for three months up to a permanent ban.
  8. Threatening any of the cast/crew members, producers, directors, will get you banned for three months and more.
  9. Information about upcoming episodes must be confirmed by a reliable source. Since Wikipedia is just a giant wiki, it is NOT accepted as reliable unless it references a link to a reliable, valid source.
  10. Categories are meant to sort the articles by their main topic. Adding more categories than necessary to define an article is considered spam. Seven categories for one page is the absolute maximum.
  11. Warning Templates are only to be used by admins. Unrightful use will result in a week-long block.
  12. Removing content based on your dislike of a particular pairing is considered vandalism.
  13. This is not a fanfiction site. Character bios must be confirmed by Dan Schneider or, or they will be deleted. Blogs are allowed to contain fanfiction.
  14. Article comments and blogs are for constructive dialogue, not back-and-forth bickering.
  15. Editing or deleting other user's pages is forbidden, except to correct minor spelling, grammatical, or punctuation errors.
  16. Deliberate plagerism from another user's blog is forbidden, and will get you an immediate, permanant block.
  17. Sexually explicit content or pictures can get you banned anywhere from a month up to a permanent ban.
  18. You need to be 12 years old to have an account on this wiki.
  19. Not having read these policies is not an excuse.

These rules are necessary to protect everyone and to make sure this wiki is a friendly environment. If you would like to discuss these policies, please leave a message on the Page